All You Did Was Save My Life (Part 2)

All You Did Was Save My Life (Part 2)

Depending on how much you know about my new book, One Lonely Degree, coming out tomorrow, you may or may not be aware that main character Finn Kavanagh is a huge fan of Canadian rock band Our Lady Peace. A very happy coincidence has the first single from their first new album in four years debuting on the radio today—the day before One Lonely Degree hits shelves.

In honour of that, and in conjunction with the fantastic month long party Lauren is having over at Shooting Stars Mag, Finn herself is actually guest blogging about the band over there:

* Finn Kavangh on Our Lady Peace

There's also a very cool contest involved where you can win a copy of the new OLP CD Burn Burn when it comes out on July 21st, along with a copy of their best of CD Playlist and a signed copy of One Lonely Degree.

I can't thank Lauren from Shooting Stars Mag enough for having me over there and helping me put this together! I had so much fun revisiting the Finn character (now I miss her more than ever) and have really been looking forward to the guest post going up.

Rock on!

All You Did Was Save My Life:
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