One of my best friends is in Austria right now. I bought her a journal to take on her trip and received an email from her in Vienna the other day. She said she carries the book with her so I can pretend I'm on the trip with her, which I totally am. Oh, to be in Vienna!

Anyway, I'm leaning on visual aids to help fuel my imagination. When she wrote she said it was beautiful, sunny and hot, unlike the photo I've added below. But the breathtaking architecture, of course, is there year round so the picture still gives me an idea of the environment she's walking around and hanging out in.
Vienna, Austria

To get in a Vienna state of mind I'm also playing my all-time favourite Ultravox song from way back in 1980. You guessed it, Vienna:

In an non-Vienna related note, did you know lead singer Midge Ure temporarily played with Thin Lizzy?

Better sign off now and return to my imaginary trip—there's so much to see, I don't want to fall too far behind!
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