May Two-Four

May Two-Four

In Canada we're curently celebrating Victoria Day or what we commonly call the May two-four long weekend, a statutory holiday in honour of Queen Victoria's birthday. Never mind the fact that it's not actually May twenty-fourth, we don't let such trivialities stand in our way.

Anyway, if you're Canadian I hope you're enjoying the long weekend. Mostly I've been hanging out here and there (which included a visit to the ROM) but there's a movie and delicious Whole Foods turkey burgers still in my future. I'm not done with this weekend yet!

Also, writer Tabitha Olson has an interview with me up on her blog Writer Musings today. Thank you, Tabitha! She's giving away a copy of One Lonely Degree, I Know It's Over, and Sliding on the Edge (by C. Lee McKenzie) as part of her May giveaway and will randomly select three winners on May 30th.

Finally, I've been listening to the new Metric CD Fantasies non-stop for the past four days and Stadium Love, especially, strikes me as a fantastic long weekend song:

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