Sex, Summer & Rock 'n' Roll

Sex, Summer & Rock 'n' Roll

So yesterday was a gorgeous 27 degrees and today we're hitting 29 (84.2 for those of you who think in Fahrenheit). Summer itself doesn't get much more summer-like but I'm trying to exercise some self-discipline and stay inside and...type.

Today you can also find me at Books Make Great Lovers answering some very interesting questions about teen sex and sexuality in YA fiction. Thanks for those challenging questions, Ashley! I'm curious to see what kind of comments people might have on the subject.

I'll also be writing about music at Shooting Stars Magazine very soon but in the meantime I saw Green Day on SNL on Saturday and it reminded me of the scene in One Lonely Degree where Finn and Jersy listen to American Idiot together. So I'm putting this up for them (Green Day being one of only 3 bands they both like!):

And because it's hard to stop at just one Green Day song here's the band in 2004 playing my favourite GD song from way back:

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