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Blog Visits

One Lonely Degree hits shelves two weeks today! In conjunction with the release I'm going to be making some blog appearances in the next little while to talk books, bands and sex in teen fiction.

* May 18 > Writer Musings

* May 21 > Books Make Great Lovers

* May 25 > Shooting Stars Mag

* May 26 > Hope's Bookshelf

One Lonely Degree is quite a summer book so I'm especially pleased that we're nearing its release date because that signals sunshine and warm weather are on the way too. I confess I've already gotten into the habit of drinking pink lemonade but I need to stock up on freezies. I wish I could buy a package of all blue ones (my favourite).
Swimming Pool

Anyway, you can read the first two chapters of One Lonely Degree right here if you like. And here's a short outtake from later in the book:

“Coming back, I spot Billy Young in line at the concession stand. I can't remember seeing him out of school uniform since eighth grade, and it takes my eyes a second to adjust to his dark jeans and black T-shirt. If I didn't know he was Billy Young, I might even think he looked good. He's got nice arms (not beefy but not thin), wide hazel eyes that look like they never quit thinking, and a rangy build he hasn't finished growing into. Billy nods hello and I nod back, wondering if Jersy was right about me liking Billy, if maybe he just realized it before I did. Then Jersy steps out of line next to Billy—and suddenly I know that's not true.”
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