And I'll Dance With You in Vienna...

And I'll Dance With You in Vienna...

My friend is back from Vienna and said I could put up this photo from her holiday, which also, sadly, concludes my imaginary trip to Austria.

I think for closure's sake we need some Leonard Cohen music here. Of course, every day is improved by Leonard Cohen's words and music so any old excuse would do, but posting the below might be as close as I ever get to dancing in Vienna, wearing a river's disguise (though I hope not).

It happens that I'm due to go on a real-life vacation to Vancouver soon and between that and copy-editing for The Lighter Side of Life and Death that I have to zip through (so here's hoping FedEx gets here soon!), I won't be blogging for awhile...or answering email...or hanging out on online

More on the vacation and my upcoming One Lonely Degree contest when I get back!

***Update, June7th***

My friend says she actually snapped the Andy Warhol photo during the Bratislava, Slovakia portion of her vacation. And I'm still waiting on copy-editing which means that I can feel free to laze around...until it gets here.
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