Too Cool To Be Human: Asher Roth and Racial Crossroads

Too Cool To Be Human: Asher Roth and Racial Crossroads

By now you've probably already heard that back in April white rap artist Asher Roth tweeted, "Been a day of rest and relaxation, sorry twitter - hanging out with nappy headed hoes."

And you've likely also heard that in response to an outcry over his remark Roth deleted it and stated, "Totally just making fun of Don Imus - Sorry Scoot, not trying to be offensive…I’m extremely apologetic to anyone who took offense to my immature, bad joke."

But if you haven't heard hip-hop vlogger Jay Smooth's thoughts on what this incident illustrates about race in America and what we can learn from it, you should really check that out below.

We are in a new place right now, we’re not in the promised land but we are a few steps further down that road than we’ve ever been before and as we make progress we get more comfortable and as we get more comfortable, some of us get a little extra comfortable…Somehow in our racial interactions we tend to…start thinking coming closer together means we can care less about how we affect each other and some of us even start getting mad about it like, “Oh god, respecting each other’s humanity is such a pain in the ass! Do we really have to do this forever? Can’t you all just lighten up so I don’t have to respect you anymore?”

— Jay Smooth
Jay just nails this and alot of what he has to say here can also be applied to homophobia, sexism, ableism and other prejudices. If we find doing what it takes to be on that right path he mentions onerous that just shows all the more why our efforts are necessary, how deeply engrained our sense of entitlement is.
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