Sunny November Day

Sunny November Day

We've reached that point in autumn when there are more leaves on the ground

GTA leaves, November 8, 2009

than there are on trees.

GTA trees, November 8, 2009

Folks' pumpkins don't look quite as impressive as they did at the end of October

GTA Pumpkins, Nov 8, 2009

GTA Pumpkins, Nov 8, 2009

GTA Pumpkins, Nov 8, 2009

and generally nature seems to be

Autumn leaves & pine cones Nov 8, 2009

Autumn leaves, November 8, 2009

various shades of rust.

Old lock, Nov 8, 2009

But there are still some vibrant colours out there,

Fall colours, Nov 8, 2009

Fall colours, Nov 9, 2009

things of beauty to gaze at

Gorgeous blue fall sky, November 8, 2009

Fall flowers, Nov 9, 2009

and fun to be had.

Fall leaves, November 8, 2009

Especially on lovely November days like yesterday when we hit 15 balmy and bright degrees (59 Fahrenheit for those of you who don't think in metric) in the Greater Toronto Area. Hope you had a chance to enjoy it but if not we're looking at a beautiful 18 degrees for today. Can you believe it? Ahhhhhhh.
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