Fairytale of New York - Billy Bragg cover

Fairytale of New York - Billy Bragg cover

There's been something missing on my blog lately. Have you felt it?

That's right— it's the absence of Billy Bragg material. There was that giddy spike of Braggomania in November:

The Blog's Gone Bragg

More Billy Bragg Goodness: Billy in Hamilton & Ottawa

Billy Bragg @ The Phoenix

and then it kind of faded away. Until now. Behold, the Christmas cover I would've wished for but didn't need to because somehow Santa just knew. Billy Bragg & Florence (of The Machines) play The Pogues' Fairytale of New York on The BBC's Radio One Rob Da Bank Campfire Christmas Special, December 19th:

And here's Shane MacGowan and Kirsty MacColl (God, I miss her voice!) singing it on Top of the Pops in 1992:

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