Fear and the federal election

Fear and the federal election

Stephen Harper and political ally, the puffin.“The Liberals' carbon tax plan will plunge Canada into recession, sparking economic unrest that will revive Quebec's separatist movement, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says.

Harper's plan? Drill the hell out of the Alberta Tar Sands, continue clubbing them pain in the ass big-eyed baby seals, exploit the Arctic for whatever oil etc. it will give us. That gold-star plan along with Stephen Harper's cozy looking sweaters will keep us safe from recession and the separatist movement. With no more pooping puffin to rest the Tory campaign on I guess this is what we get: fear wrapped in cashmere.

To crib a line from Billy Bragg's Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards:

“Here comes the future and you can't run from it.”Our environment is already changing. If we're not bold in our plans to combat further environmental degradation we're going to have much bigger problems than separatism and the economy to deal with. This is life and death stuff—for us, for our descendants, for the birds, the bears, the trees. Closing our eyes to the threats won't make them disappear.

The time to act is now. Any political party that doesn't understand that is a party we should be afraid of.

I'm with Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams when he says: 'Anyone but Harper.' We don't have any time to spare getting the Conservatives out of power.

The Alberta Tar Sands, Google Earth
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