The Airborne Toxic Event

The Airborne Toxic Event

The Airborne Toxic EventDo you know how sometimes you're going about your life as usual, getting stuff done, and then suddenly you read or hear or see something that makes you stop and pay attention—like really pay attention and wonder how on earth it is that you didn't stumble across this particular band/author/director/artist etc. before? Because what he or she or they have created is like a glorious shiny wonder in a mostly unremarkable heap of the familiar, contrived or uninspired.

Yeah, so THAT happened today when I listened to a band called The Airborne Toxic Event doing some acoustic versions of their tracks here. So obviously I couldn't stop there and had to pull up their MySpace and do some YouTube searching.

Innocence (acoustic, extended)

Sometime Around Midnight

Gasoline (acoustic)

Listen to the lyrics and you won't be at all surprised to learn that their lead singer and guitarist Mikel Jollett was, before turning to music, working on a novel.

Needless to say I've just ordered their self-titled first album, which was released on August 5th, and I can't wait until it gets its glorious shiny wonder self over here!
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