What Canadian Voters (Inexplicably) Want

What Canadian Voters (Inexplicably) Want

“I'm flabbergasted about why people would vote against their own best interests in a government that doesn't care about things like the arts or the environment.”
—Susan Sarandon while at The Toronto International Film Festival.
I don't get it either, Susan. Yet this is how Canadian political support looked according to a poll last week:

Conservative Party.......38%
Liberal Party..................28%
New Democratic Party...9%
Bloc Québécois.................8%
Green Party......................7%

Meanwhile Prime Minister Harper, while in Winnipeg on a campaign stop, apologized yesterday for a Conservative Internet ad that showed a puffin crapping on Stéphane Dion's shoulder. "It has been removed," Harper said. "It was tasteless and inappropriate. We have enough differences with the Liberals without getting into that kind of thing."

Stephane Dion being crapped on by a puffin.

You may recall that exact same Dion pose from earlier Tory literature (apparently this is the Conservatives' favourite picture of Stéphane!) :

Dion's Tax on Everything. Will you be tricked into paying more?

Does Harper's apology mean there'll be no Photoshopped images of Dion being trampled by a moose or being pecked on by Canadian geese? And what on earth are the Tories going to do with their campaign if the above has been ruled out? I mean, so far all I'm seeing are attacks on Dion and warm and fuzzy pictures of Harper in a sweater vest.

I suppose the latter is working, lulling some Canadians into a false sense of security that a vote for Harper is really a vote for Mr. Rogers.

Mr. Rogers

Then again, maybe some Canadians are truly in favour of this:

Stephen Harper as a Sith Lord: Death Star Coming Soon!

I just don't know anymore. Like Susan Sarandon, I'm flabbergasted.
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