I Know It's Over Playlist

I Know It's Over Playlist

Not long ago I devoted a blog entry to raving about The Airborne Toxic Event. Their debut album's everything I would've hoped and even now that it's in my possession I can't stop watching the video clip of this haunting extended acoustic version of Innocence on a daily basis. It's completely mesmirizing in its passion and anguish. Damn it breaks my heart each and every time and I keep going back for more. This is the power of music—emotionally it can take you to an entirely different place than you were the moment before a given song started.

At the Toronto film festival last week one of the director's, during a Q &;A, referred to film as “the most powerful medium we have at the moment” but I'm not so sure that's true. Every time I hear Working Class Hero I want to rail against the stupidity of our culture, a society that we allow to keep us “doped with religion, sex and TV.” Listening to Neil Young's Heart of Gold plugs me instantly in to a feeling of bottomless longing. Nina Simone's Ain't Got No/I Got Life sparks my lust for life and Billy Bragg's A Lover Sings floods me with all the awed sensations of first love.

Maybe I'm out shopping, sitting on a crowded subway car or in front of my computer in my pajamas—it doesn't matter, if the song works I go where it leads me. Many of us live our lives to music in a way we don't to other art forms. Three minutes and we're worlds away. Music is so much a part of our society that it would seem strange to me, as a writer, not to reference that. This is the reason I like to have playlists for my books. Some of the songs I may not even personally like—and the character may not like either, but they're part of his/her world.

The entire playlist for I Know It's Over can be found here but with the book coming out next Tuesday I thought I'd feature some of the songs that I either associate with the book or refer to during it.

1. 10 Days Late (Third Eye Blind)
This is the song that inspired I Know It's Over. I found it both emotionally affecting and intriguing and wanted to know how the story unfolded after he'd heard about the pregnancy. This is still a story we haven't heard from the male point of view as often.

2. Feel It in The Air (Beanie Sigel)
Nick blares Beanie Sigel after he hears the news from Sasha, wanting to escape the reality of the moment. But the song itself is filled with expectation, a feeling of impending change. 

 3. There She Goes (The La's)
So, yeah, we've all heard this song's about heroin but it still sounds like a song about that person who blows your mind too, the girl/guy you're amazed by although you maybe don't even know them that well yet. 

6. The Scientist (Coldplay)

“Nobody said it was easy/No one ever said it would be so hard.” This strikes me as a hopeful, sweet and sad song all at the same time. Things aren't where you want them to be with the relationship...but maybe they could be.

9. Get The Party Started (Pink)
Nick isn't exactly thrilled about the idea of going to Lindsay's Halloween party— and not too impressed by the music when he gets there, but it does offer other bonuses.

 13. Lose Yourself (Eminem) 

This is a total powerhouse song, and maybe not the best thing to listen to if your emotions are already on a rampage. 

  18. Sometimes Wanna Die (Joydrop)
This song is the one I associate most strongly with the book. A lot of the lyrics seem to echo exactly what Nick is feeling throughout I Know It's Over. I originally heard this song long before I ever thought of writing I Know It's Over but now I can't hear it without thinking about Nick. This song just aches. Aches and rocks. Personally, I love it.

20. Landslide ( The Dixie Chicks)

I'm a big fan of both renditions of this bittersweet song—the Stevie Nicks original and the Dixie Chicks cover. Wisdom and change, wistfully delivered in each version.

I Know It's Over aside, If you haven't had a look at that Innocence video clip yet I can't recommend it highly enough—and keep your eyes on Airborne Toxic Event's lead singer/guitarist Mikel Jollett. The guy has his guts wrapped around this song in a way I haven't seen in I don't know how long. Believe me, this is an album you want in your collection.

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